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Yoga special

Meditative yoga exploration & ceremony on March 10.

  • 2 uur 30 minuten
  • 33 euro
  • Groenendaal

Beschrijving van de dienst

Are you ready for a deep yoga dive? Join me for this yoga special in Rotterdam. I love to practice long yoga sessions myself and would love to share this passion with you. We will do Traditional Hatha and a long Nidra with visualisation. We end with a tapas (commitment) ceremony if you would like to set one. Sunday March 10 9:00 - 11:30 Homestudio, Rotterdam Blaak Yoga mat, thee included €33, 6 spots available As preparation do not eat 2 hours before this class. This class is spiritual and energy based. Following the teaching of non-duality. You can join with or without yoga experience. - Traditional Hatha - warming up the body long, meditative Hatha asanas opening energy channels purification enter our natural state of being (not doing) - Yoga Nidra - relaxing on the mat in shavasana following my voice into the deep sleep state, while you stay aware training lucidity expanding consciousness removing samskaras regenerative - tapas ceremony - this is not the Spanish deliciousness ;) setting a tapas is a commitment for a practice for a certain amount of time self discipline that lights your inner fire if you want, you can pick one that matches your intention for the coming period we can set this in a ceremonial way, from the heart examples: eating a week of unprocessed food, meditate for a month 10 mins, etc Get your ticket via the 'Prijzen' page and then choose the date of your yoga special on this page. I would love to practice together! You are very welcome. Love, Denise

Aankomende sessies


  • Groenendaal, Rotterdam, Netherlands


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